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Hey there, we are Michael and Samantha Guthrie!

Hey there, we are Michael and Samantha Guthrie!

We used to live by the book — work hard, dream big, and success will follow. We started our company with our last $2000 and grew it into an 8-figure, nationally recognized ATM company.  Originally, as busy entrepreneurs, we just knew we needed to work our butts off! We worked hard every day to establish a strong foothold in the ATM industry. No vacations. No rest days. For 3 years straight! As our business expanded, our taxes climbed. We began investing in single-family homes, drawn by tax benefits and added revenue. However, managing these properties while running a thriving business took a toll on us. We were more successful than ever….YET we found ourselves missing a crucial element of life — the one irreplaceable commodity: TIME.

You see, we tried to tackle the road alone, only to find ourselves on a difficult path. Here’s the profound truth we came to realize: true wealth comes from understanding and leveraging the secrets of those who’ve walked this path before us. So, we invested in ourselves and sought out knowledge and wisdom through masterminds and years of growth. All of this guided us to unlock the secrets of true wealth and our ideal existence — a life enriched with freedom, prosperity, and meaning.

We dedicated ourselves to mastering passive investing, and developing specialized systems and metrics to select investments that match our goals and values. Our diverse portfolio includes multifamily properties, triple net leases, corporate assets, and hard money lending.  Today, we stand in gratitude, living a life fueled by the passive income from these ventures we’ve nurtured.

You have a choice to dare to dream differently and challenge your current perspective. Working hard is not enough. We know that too well. To live a radically fulfilling life also means a radical change of perspective: a paradigm shift. Remarkable mentors have illuminated our path, witnessing our transformation firsthand, and now, we’re inspired to pay it forward to you. The passion for growth fuels us every day, as we leverage our time, years of research, and relationships, on behalf of YOU, our friends, family, and investors. We’re on a mission to build a community of prosperity, purpose, and passion, where together, we create legacies that last.

May God bless you, keep His face shining upon you, and grant you the strength to live in all the beauty He has prepared for you.

With Purpose and Prosperity,

The Guthries

If you are new here and don’t know us personally, we open our arms wide in welcome. We’re eager to learn about you—your dreams, your aspirations, and how we can tailor our strategies to suit your unique path.  Some of our investments are private and reserved for those in our VIP family.  To join, book a call now.

our core values

What do we stand for? F.A.I.TH.


FOCUSED on helping others succeed by staying true to our goals


AUTHENTIC by presenting ourselves and information exactly as we know it


INTEGRITY by Choosing courage over comfort and what’s right over what’s fun, fast or easy


THANKFUL by never losing sight of how grateful we are for opportunities, connections and trust from others


HUMBLE in recognizing that we came from modest upbringings and that success can only be attributed to seeking faith and growth, and a willingness to be molded us into the servants we want to be for others


This is us throughout the years! Make more memories!

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