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Meet Michael and Samantha

Michael and Samantha Guthrie have successfully owned and operated a multimillion-dollar automated teller machine distributorship, Automated ATM Solutions, Inc., for more than 25 years, and currently run over 8000 ATMs nationwide, providing a residual income stream used for multifamily investing. They have 23 years of real estate investment experience in single family, multi-family and commercial real estate. Their additional experience includes real estate sales, mortgage brokering, and property management of apartments and single-family homes. After realizing the advantages of multifamily investing for themselves, they have made it their mission to provide others with an avenue to passive income.

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Why Choose Us?


The value of accountability is extreme ownership. Ownership begins at the start of a project until completion. With us, you can count on our team to responsibly eliminate distractions and effectively implement the business plan.


The most important relationships in life are the ones you choose to have. You can make or break your business with the people you choose to work with so it's important that both sides fit in any collaborative endeavor.


We pride ourselves on transparency with both successes and failures as our business continues to grow and scale.


Integrity creates trust and collectively as a company that is our biggest asset. We believe in a straightforward way of doing business which is why you can count on us to be dependable partners.

What Makes Us Different

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We invest our own money in all the deals that we offer to our investors.

We vet out properties that meet strict criteria, only present those that exceed expectations.

We are Mastermind investment syndicators and only partner with industry professionals.

We leverage our business and real estate experience to your benefit.

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